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Monday, January 9, 2012

Creative Energy Needed

Consider the creative energy needed for all of our activities today. The communications coming at us for each project are immense and everything takes time, money and something else.... Creativity.

Do you have it? How much? How often? Does it need replenishing like every other energy?

Well if you are like me, it helps to have "a way of seeing things" such that you can instantly know what forces are contributing to your aims, which ones need resisting, when to let go and how to let an action pass by without any attachment. And there are a bundle of other factors.

So what's my secret?
I don't have one; I have six. It doesn't stop at six really because the six secrets are interconnected into an intricate whole.

Sound mysterious? It is a bit, especially in that this "way of seeing things" brings the mystery of creativity into manageable wholes. Manageable parts, each a whole in itself yet each contributing to the larger picture.

We find that a simple language--complex enough to describe every important process yet easy enough for a high school educated person to incorporate--helps bring a team of individuals into a successful, creative pattern more than the complexities of six sigma, even when it is lean.

Successful creative patterns are what we need right now in many fields and endeavors. Look at the banking business. The vanishing money from the American homeowner is the tip of an iceberg. Magicians could not have done a better job of deceit. But if the ordinary people in the mortgage and paper shuffling offices had had a common language with which to describe their patterns, they could have stopped that illusion from fooling so many of us, even the heads of State.

Illusions break down when those who see them can describe their experiences using a common language.
The language must be simple, direct and inclusive (not leave anything out), and we are not talking about English or Spanish. We are talking about a mathematical language with intuitive insight into creative processes. It is a universal language for all business people, artists, scientists and life experts of any kind.

Since I have taken great care to explain the whole idea in my book, Accomplish The Impossible, I point you to this source now. But wouldn't it be nice to have a creative energy help us with our efforts more often? It is possible! Check out this video to see a few examples of the system I am talking about.

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