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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Growing Demand for Business Consultants
Outsourcing as the New Solution

Starting and growing a business has always been a complex and demanding job. The new world of technology, increasing regulations and laws, and human resource issues make this an even more challenging environment for business owners.

The simple fact is that it is virtually impossible for today’s entrepreneur to keep apace of the rapid changes that demand attention and management. This means that more and more business owners are turning to business consultants and outsourcing many of their more specialized functions.

Monday, September 3, 2012

how to think, feel, move and act through the sales process in such an intuitive, whole systems, manner that...

A client just sent me an email. Her website is elegant and high class. Her day spa appears to be top notch. She says she is "looking for a motivational workshop. I would like to get an email about what kind of service you can provide to a small but growing company. Our interests are in developing leaders, improving bottom line results, keeping and restoring passion and most importantly meeting sales goals by being proactive vs reactive! Hope you have what we are looking for."

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bullying - Assertiveness Training

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Here is the experience of becoming pro-active in response to bullying as seen on the enneagram or the NTS. (A Nine Term Symbol, an "NTS", is also referred to as an enneagram.)

Responding assertively to an incident of bullying or unacceptable behaviour requires the student to be respectful towards themselves and others equally. Central to responding assertively is the student having confidence in themselves and their abilities and knowing their basic human rights. Teachers can help students to practice these behaviours though classroom-based role-plays, where the students identify assertive, aggressive and passive behaviors.

Assertiveness training is necessary in order to train the Attention to act according to Human Rights Values (point-four) and the Golden Rule (point-eight). Without training, we assume people can simply do what they are shown through words (basically what they are told) and what they are shown through other media. But, people can not act until all of these points and inner lines of the Compass (the six labeled lines inside the circle) are working together. Well, people can try, we can pretend, we can do something, but our actions will not be effective until all of these parts come together into one whole system.

The important factor at point-six is Will Power, but it may be in the form of Help or Assistance from Bystanders. Here is a diagram from which shows the bullying cycle.

Now, if through role playing and attention building exercises, we teach, instruct, impart and transfer the knowledge and understanding from the enneagram above to our selves and our students, we can expect to reverse the bullying cycle.

Using the NTS (Nine Term Symbol or Enneagram) it is possible to see exactly which part of the process are lacking and need training for any given student or situation.

Point-six is also about Conscience. Will Power, Conscience and Help can all be understood as aspects of what enters the process at point-six. What comes in at point-six and how we define it depends on the situation and on the people involved.

Point-three, which is The Self, has to do with the real human being and not their acquired personality. Self Confidence is a buzz word, and the closer a person comes to essence, the more true self confidence they attain naturally. But this requires reinforcement from the adults around the growing being, the student. Adults must assist with the arising in the student of self confidence. Again, role playing as a means of assertivness training can help the student and the adults with this action of aiding the development of self confidence.

What ever level of understanding of the Golden Rule or level of Self Confidence or degree of Help (and so on for every point around the NTS) will determine the outcome of the situation and how intentionally a person can act given the forces from the bully.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enneagram of Tennis (Nine Term Symbol)

Here is the experience of a tennis game as seen on the enneagram or the NTS. (A Nine Term Symbol, an "NTS", is also referred to as an enneagram.)

I find this approach to be startling and unique. I have never seen an enneagram of a process that repeats in practically no time at all, the time it takes for a ball to travel to the opponent* and back!