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Monday, September 3, 2012

how to think, feel, move and act through the sales process in such an intuitive, whole systems, manner that...

A client just sent me an email. Her website is elegant and high class. Her day spa appears to be top notch. She says she is "looking for a motivational workshop. I would like to get an email about what kind of service you can provide to a small but growing company. Our interests are in developing leaders, improving bottom line results, keeping and restoring passion and most importantly meeting sales goals by being proactive vs reactive! Hope you have what we are looking for."

So I replied, "Your website is great and it's obvious you can only have the best employees and co-workers. For them to match your website's look and feel, they'd have to be professional but very accessible and smart. Thanks for finding me, and I think we do have a match here.

"First of all I begin by blowing everyone's mind with an amazing demonstration of magic. Your team will not be the same as they watch astonishing impossibilities unfold right before their eyes. I am a professional magician, and the only way to do that successfully for over 20 years, big time, is to continuously renew my passion and courage. So this part of the program is very high energy.

"But there is more to being a magician. Anyone in the performing arts business (show business) must be efficient if they are going to make it and last as a service company. This is why I am forever thankful for the Whole Systems approach I will share with you.

After the astounding visual and group-interactive magic, there is no ice left in the room, and I share the six secrets to accomplishing the impossible:

You've got to Anticipate, Communicate and Visualize...

You've got to Actualize, Present and Restore (where restoring is getting ready to do it again, often with improvements).

"Sounds right, but there is much to these six 'secrets'. I will show your sales group how to think, feel, move and act through the sales process in such an intuitive, whole systems, manner that they will always know what qualities they must bring into the present moment. I will leave them with the master pattern that you and I have previously co-created or, at least, discussed.

"I have a great program for events like this, and I would be able to meet with you when you are back in the Northwest if you feel this might work."

I post this here so I can refer to it and also because I think it really does offer an incredible program for your teams out there.

Without having met them and with a basic understanding of that type of business, I am sure we will begin with the Customer Experience NTS or Enneagram mentioned on page 89 of Accomplish The Impossible (the book).

Here it is:

And the process has been detailed at the ATI-Website here. Remember, you can search the entire ATI-Website to find people's symbols that are relevant for your own use or process. There are not that many yet, but it's growing.

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